1. Processing of personal data

NMMN New Media Markets & Networks Innovations GmbH (NMMN Innovations) uses the dangerous good software “” as a platform to optimize transport processes. The following personal data are collected when using this service:

• Surname and first name, title of the user where applicable

• User’s gender

• User’s date of birth

• User’s email address

• User’s telephone number

• User’s digital signature in facsimile form (image)

• Valid PK certificate including validity and expiry date for IATA-DGR

• User’s role

By confirming the acknowledgement of this data protection policy and giving the consent in the following, you authorise NMMN Innovations to lawfully process data described here using The use of the platform and therefore the web-based submission, processing and management of dangerous goods declarations is not otherwise possible.


2. Admissibility of processing personal data

The processing of your personal data is based on the following declaration of consent:

I hereby consent to my personal data mentioned in Article 1 of this declaration being processed by NMMN Innovations for the purpose of an identity and legitimation check when submitting lawful dangerous goods declarations. I have been informed that I can withdraw this consent at any time and without disadvantages with no requirements as to form. Any withdrawal of the consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processing which has taken place up to this point. NMMN Innovations has assured me that my rights, in particular to access, rectification, erasure, restriction and objection under the General Data Protection Regulation will be guaranteed and that my personal data will not be transferred to third parties and will not be processed for purposes other than those described here.

This declaration of consent has been given voluntarily.


3. Use of your data

We use your data processed during your use of exclusively for the specified purpose of checking identity and legitimation in the submission, processing and management of dangerous goods declarations (“DGD”). Without verifying your identity and your DGR qualification, the dangerous goods software cannot be used.

The processing of your personal data starts with the authorisation process for Since the access data for users are provided by email, the knowledge of your email address is essential. In cases in which a customer applies for access for several users on entering into a agreement, the mail addresses of these users are already provided to us by the customer.

When creating a DGD, your name appears automatically and unalterably in the field “Name/Title of Signatory” on the DGD. In addition, depending on the type of creation, every DGD bears your signature or the corresponding facsimile. Where existing DGDs are processed, these DGDs similarly bear the electronic signature of the respective user who last processed the DGD.

The name of the person registering is also checked against the international embargo and compliance databases.

NMMN Innovations processes your data during the period of use and as part of the statutory storage periods. Your data are deleted at the end of the use period and expiry of the pertinent storage periods.


4. Passing on your data

Your personal data are not passed on to third parties by NMMN Innovations unless there is an official obligation to do so or you have explicitly given your additional consent. Special reference is made to the special provisions on supervision and control by the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) under Article 5 of the Security Declaration as well as to the reservation to report the abuse of access data under Article 3 of the Security Declaration. Recipients outside NMMN Innovations may be NMMN Innovations’s processors and any sub-processors in cases of commissioned data processings.


5. Use of cookies currently uses cookies in order to be able to ensure the usability of functions as well as the requisite control of the permitted use limits of dangerous goods software. Special reference is made to the provisions on the use of cookies in Article 3.9 of the General Terms and Conditions of Business which must similarly be consented to during registration.


6. Data security

The dangerous goods software used by us is protected against loss, destruction, access, change or dissemination of your data by unauthorised persons using technical and organisational measures. Access to your account is possible exclusively after entering your personal access data.


7. Data subject rights:

As the data subject of data processing you have the following rights:

1. You can request access to the processing of your personal data from the office set out in Article 8.

2. You can request rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and data portability.

3. You can withdraw your consent at any time. The lawfulness of data processing up to that date is not affected by this withdrawal.

4. You have a right of complaint to the supervisory authority if you are of the opinion that the data processing infringes the general data protection regulation.

Information on your personal data stored can be requested free of charge the first time you assert this right. The information is provided in a commonly used electronic format unless you specify to the contrary. The right to rectification covers all cases of your personal data having been stored incorrectly.

Furthermore, you may have a right to erasure of the personal data stored. For example, if the data storage was inadmissible or knowledge of your personal data is no longer necessary to satisfy the purpose of storage or to satisfy the tasks within the sphere of responsibility of the responsible offices.

The right to restriction of processing of personal data stored exists instead of the right to erasure if, for example, the controller no longer needs the data for the purposes of processing but you require the data for the establishment of legal claims.


8. Controller of data processing, contact partner for data protection

The following is responsible for the processing of personal data described here:

NMMN New Media Markets & Networks Innovations GmbH

Haferweg 46

22769 Hamburg

The data protection officer of Deutsche Lufthansa and NMMN Innovations can be reached at:

NMMN New Media Markets & Networks Innovations GmbH

Haferweg 46

22769 Hamburg